The most relevant,
street-smart Hebrew

What Do We Do?

Simply put, we get our students to *speak* Hebrew seamlessly and confidently with our famous online Hebrew courses so that they can connect to the true Tel Aviv experience – from anywhere!


We’re famous for our method (some say it’s our
secret sauce). We found the most sought-after
teacher in Israel and along with an avid life-hacker and traveler, we created a totally new system to teach conversational Hebrew. The rest is history.

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    *Courses for adults 18+ ( special permission required for 16-18)

    Tel Aviv’s #1 Language & Culture School!

    *Courses for adults 18+ ( special permission required for 16-18)


    10 week language and cultural immersion courses

    2 weekly 90 minute classes online

    Up to four 60 minute practice times weekly.

    8 levels. Everything from complete beginner to advanced

    Teachers who aren't
    your usual teachers.

    Think actors, directors, journalists & more

    The true Tel Aviv
    experience brought
    to you.
    Culture is
    infused into every
    aspect of our classes

    Global community.
    If you think our teachers are amazing, wait until you meet your classmates

    Speak, speak, speak!
    Have we mentioned we specialize in getting you to actually feel confident *speaking* Hebrew?

    the 5 star reviews speak for themselves!

    *Courses for adults 18+ ( special permission required for 16-18)